smart home

white-labeled smart home kit for energy retailer customers

The kit consists of the central unit, branded with utility’s logo and colors, smart plugs and variety of sensors. The web and mobile applications for end users may be integrated with LERTA Customer Platform and even LERTA Demand Side Response for remote control based on energy price and demand.


Target customers with defined appliances and habits. Automatically shape their behaviour by presenting tips & requests based on current grid status, energy price or business opportunities.


appliance-level monitoring

Attracting and engaging applications with detailed information about usage for end-users. Powerful knowledge for utility. Based on existing smart meter data only Lerta recognizes energy usage on appliance level – with no additional hardware or investment.

interact with smart appliances

ZL_054 LT Panel sterowania ikony 2
ZL_054 LT Panel sterowania ikony 1

Lerta speaks the language of smart appliances, like thermostats, refridgerators and washing machines. Let it decide when it’s the best time for turning them on.