Cheap electricity
for your company

Since July 2019, customers operating their own micro photovoltaic installations are entitled to prosumer activity. This means the possibility of storing surplus energy in the network, settling it in the system of discounts and selling energy at the average price on the wholesale market from the previous quarter.


Mianowice, 49,92 kWp

Przybyszów, 49,92 kWp

Ujście, 24,48 kWp

Photovoltaics + energy management system:
a perfect duo

A modern platform
Lerta Energy Intelligence

  • energy consumption monitoring,
  • point analysis and comparison,
  • reduction management, revenue analysis,
  • automatic data exchange and device control,
  • advanced metering of all utilities,
  • comparison of all facilities, halls, points and benchmarking,
  • intelligent temperature control,
  • HVAC automation.

Funding options
- Leases, loans, grant programmes

Entrepreneurs have several options to choose from to finance their investments in a solar power plant.

These include commercial offers as well as various subsidy programmes:

Leasing or commercial bank credit. Lerta's customers have access to favourable financing, among others with PKO Leasing, Millennium, Alior Bank and Santander Consumer Bank.

Programmes of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. These are grants in the form of a loan up to 85% of eligible costs.

Regional Operational Programmes. The amount of support is determined individually for each province. The location therefore depends on what support is available. These are subsidies for loans or credits, as well as direct grants.

Provincial Funds for Environmental Protection systematically announce calls for applications for funding in the form of preferential loans, with the possibility of partial redemption. The level of redemption is usually up to 30% of the loan value.

Earn from the readiness for reduction

DSR: money for you, energy stability for the country

  • remuneration for readiness,
  • no penalties for failure to reduce,
  • no charge to start,
  • you support Poland's energy security,
  • you don't worry about the process, we provide full automation,
  • you don't take any risks.

Photovoltaic facts and myths

Fact 1 - energy independence

The installation can cover 100% of the electricity demand. Remember - the size of the installation depends on you and it can produce as much energy as you need.