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What is a PPA?

The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a sales agreement governed by civil law which consists in the direct purchase of electricity from energy generators from renewable energy installations by the end user (the so-called "end user"). corporate PPA) or by energy traders.

PPA! It's worth it!

PPAs are an interesting solution for entrepreneurs in times of legal and economic turbulence on the domestic energy market. This formula is primarily attractive for local governments and energy-intensive businesses, as it provides long-term supply of cheap, clean energy independent of price rises.

Fixed energy prices

Fixed energy prices

Multi-annual agreement allows to become independent from the risk of electricity price increases. The deal with Lerta is cheap electricity without a minimum 15-year increase.

100% green energy

100% green energy

The energy offered under the PPA comes from 100% renewable energy sources and enables business to be conducted in accordance with sustainable development principles.

A constant source of income

A constant source of income

The PPA provides a permanent source of income for renewable energy producers and broadens investment opportunities in this industry.

Pure energy at a lower price

Pure energy at a lower price

The PPAs ensure that energy is purchased at an attractive price and guarantee its stability throughout the duration of the agreement. In the case of On-site and Near site contracts, there are additional savings on the absence of a distribution fee.

Free energy management tool

Modern platform
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  • monitoring energy consumption

  • analysing and comparing collection points

  • reduction management, revenue analysis

  • automatic data exchange and device control

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  • intelligent temperature control

  • HVAC automation

Types of PPA contracts



The generator's OZE installation is located in the immediate vicinity of the customer (e. g. on the roof of the building) - electricity generated from OZE  installations is directly supplied to the recipient's internal network.

Near site

The OZE installation is located close to the installation of the energy consumer and the electricity generated from the OZE installation is transmitted via a dedicated transmission line.



The most common version of the PPA assumes that the transmission of electricity from the OZE installations to the recipient's installation is via the transmission network of the network operator.