Clean and cheap energy.
For the community.

Own solar power plant to respond to rising energy prices. Thanks to solar energy it is possible to power public buildings, road lighting, monuments, etc, building the image of a green municipality/city/poviat. Solar energy in combination with automation and metering systems will contribute to building ecological smartcity. Plus, it's not expensive at all!


Mianowice, 49,92 kWp

Przybyszów, 49,92 kWp

Ujście, 24,48 kWp

Photovoltaics + energy management system:
a perfect duo

A modern platform
Lerta Energy Intelligence

  • energy consumption monitoring,
  • point analysis and comparison,
  • reduction management, revenue analysis,
  • automatic data exchange and device control,
  • advanced metering of all utilities,
  • comparison of all facilities, halls, points and benchmarking,
  • intelligent temperature control,
  • HVAC automation.

Photovoltaic facts and myths

Fact 1 - energy independence

The installation can cover 100% of the electricity demand. Remember - the size of the installation depends on you and it can produce as much energy as you need.