Energy for agriculture.
In harmony with nature.

Increasing automation in agriculture and the use of modern machinery translates into increased energy demand and, consequently, higher electricity bills. We implement solutions dedicated to the agricultural sector adapted to the type of business and energy demand of the farm. We adjust the size of the installation to achieve maximum efficiency with the highest quality.

Thanks to photovoltaics you gain

Significant cost reductions on farms

Significant cost reductions on farms

A modern and ecological farm

A modern and ecological farm

Efficient use of large green areas and roofs

Efficient use of large green areas and roofs

Protection against power outages

Protection against power outages

Independence from energy suppliers and power increases

Independence from energy suppliers and power increases

Investment for years

Investment for years

When you order a photovoltaic installation from Lerta, you get it:

The Project

You get a complete, perfectly tailored design made by a certified designer with many years of experience.

The project includes all aspects of the installation, i. e. components, wiring, control and measurement devices, fire protection, possible optimizers if the installation is partially shaded.


Installments 36x0%. Take the installation on installments, pay it back for 36 months and we'll pay the bank charges. In addition, during the repayment period, the installation costs reduce tax reliefs and the My Electricity subsidy.

Comfortable instalments for 120 months. Spread the repayment of the installation for 10 years. Thanks to the savings on your electricity bill you will not feel the installation costs.

We enable you to handle all formalities remotely, including signing the contract with a secure e-signature.

Package of additional services

To each installation we add Lerta Energy Intelligence - an application to manage and control farm energy consumption. It allows energy savings of up to 40%.

It also allows you to connect to the Lerta Virtual Power Plant and benefit from additional advantages such as resale of surpluses, continuous monitoring of installations, profits from the balancing market.


Your installation will be installed and connected by qualified, certified installers working to the highest standards.

We are confident in our work, which is why we give you 15 years of component warranty and 25 years of overall installation performance and a one-year package insurance, which also includes insurance against production interruptions due to failure and random events.

Guaranteed after-sales service

We're not leaving you alone. Once the installation is complete, we test the thermal imaging camera to make sure that the installation will work safely and efficiently.

As standard, you will also receive an annual energy report for the first three years of operation of your power plant. In case of problems, you can always count on quick and professional warranty service and free consultations with our advisors.


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Squeeze out all the juices from your installation

Save Energy with
Lerta Energy Intelligence

  • monitoring energy production and consumption,
  • analytics and comparing collection points,
  • reduction management, revenue analysis,
  • automatic data exchange and device control,
  • advanced media metering,
  • comparing all the facilities on the farm and benchmarking,
  • intelligent temperature control,
  • automation of HVAC operation (heating, ventilation, air conditioning).

Photovoltaic facts and myths

Fact 1 - energy independence

The installation can cover 100% of the electricity demand. Remember - the size of the installation depends on you and it can produce as much energy as you need.